The Frost Waterfowl Trust strives to produce the best mallards in our field.

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Plant banana water lily to attract ducks to your pond and they will return year after year.

Beginning in 1949, a dedicated waterfowl hunter and state of Wisconsin wildlife officer named Jack Frost began developing a mallard breeding flock "which could produce offspring" suitable for mass restocking. Over the years Jack's mallard rearing operation was captioned as "Captive Production of Migratory Waterfowl."  Under the banner of The Frost Waterfowl Trust, Jack developed a mallard that no one except mother nature has matched.

The Frost Waterfowl Trust strives to produce the best mallards in our field.  Rewarding waterfowling requires that the duck has natural and strong survival instincts.  Frost mallards have these instincts plus the

right color, body shape, and the strength to successfully migrate.

The "Frost Release System" and Frost Mallards when combined can restore quality hunting opportunities that often cannot even be experienced at the duck capitals of the world.  Success does not come simply by obtaining the right duck.  It takes knowledge and experience

to identify a release site, provide managed habitat, and obtain water

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