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Command & Conquer Gun Magnet

Command & Conquer In stock and ready to ship now! Only $29.99! Shipping and handling is only $4.99, no matter how many you order!

When it comes to Duck Hunting, the Command & Conquer Gun Magnet
is essential in a duck blind. With 5 to 6 people that have a shotgun in front of each of them, and a dog running in and out of the confined space of the blind, it is a wonder more accidents don't occur. Several times in my life I have seen and heard a loaded shotgun fall in the blind. As my good friend, Phil says " it is the eeriest of sounds and in that split second you pray it doesn't go off."  Well,  we don't have a cure all but we do believe we have the best available safety product on the market.

One should position their shotgun side-ways so that the gun can fit as closely as possible to the front wall of the shooting porch, out of the way, and the butt of the stock, with as much surface area as possible, flat on the floor. We are not stating that a shotgun will never fall again but it will be much more difficult for it to happen than just propped-up at an angle like most of us have been doing. If it will just save one limb or someone's family member, it would be worth the effort. Once the accident happens it's to late! I remember my Dad's preachings.   "Safety First".

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